Why you shouldn’t buy “Wirecast Gear”

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A colleague sent me a link today to Telestream’s website, which has unveiled a new “Wirecast Gear” product. Interesting! I had been using Wirecast with a multitude of capture cards, laptops, and custom-built PCs for a number of years, and I’ve actually recommended it to countless clients, vendors, and acquaintances.

My first thought, was that it would be a Teradek-esque device that’s ultra portable, sleek, and reliable. My first thought was wrong. Upon seeing it, I was sadly disappointed. Let me tell you why.


A. It’s just a slim PC. They manufactured a fancy box with a logo on it, and shoved in a standard Motherboard, CPU, RAM, and Magewell Capture Card. It even uses integrated graphics instead of something more robust. It’s a weak consumer-grade PC with Windows 10 on it.

B. It’s not portable. It’s a headless PC that you need to plug a monitor, keyboard, and mouse into in order to use. Had they put this in a semi-portable laptop-esque chassis, I wouldn’t have been compelled to write all of this today.

C. It doesn’t support 4k. Sure, not many people right now are streaming in 4k, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to record in it. OH! I know why it doesn’t support 4k! Because it’s a consumer-level PC without an actual graphics card that won’t be able to handle 4k video!

… But it’s $5000

D. The Hard Disk. So, a 250GB SSD model is $4999, but a 2TB SSD model is $7999? That’s an expensive drive. Maybe they should go and do a package deal on this one. Sure, they add some titling stuff, but that doesn’t cost that much either.

E. Wirecast Gearcare is an ADD ON. I work with very large companies, and they pay us a premium to do the work for them, sure. But if something goes wrong, we have to fix it. Wirecast is taking the easy way out and telling them that they have to pay more for support… on top of the overpriced PC they bought.

I totally get that they’re after the Tricaster (which was another useless piece of equipment), and I’ve always been astonished over the years at how many people actually bought those things only to never open the instructions and call me saying “how do work?” and “why dis broked?”

With all that being said, how about I build you, right now, that same Wirecast Gear box on amazon for 1/3 of the price.

Update to come.